Flame Retardant Treatments

Flame Retardant 701: This finish is a water based application that enables the treated fabric to meet strict fire codes on vertical hanging fabrics in public area, aircraft, and health care facilities. This flame retardant is non-toxic and safe for the environment. Treated fabrics maintain their FR status after solvent based dry cleaning, but lose their FR status is if fabric is machine laundered. Treated fabrics pass NFPA 701 and NFPA 260.

Flame Retardant 260: This finish is a water based application that is applied only to the back of the fabric. The face of the fabric is not affected. This treatment is used for fabrics on upholstered furniture. Treated fabrics pass NFPA 260.

Additional Treatments / Finishes

Anti-Microbial Finish: This is a water based fabric treatment used to kill or slow the growth of bacteria and some viruses. This fabric treatment is primarily used for hospitals and healthcare settings.

Anti-Mildew: This is a water based treatment used to protect the fabric against mold and mildew. This is recommended for use on outdoor fabrics as well as fabrics used in warm and humid environments.

Stain Repellant: This finish is sprayed onto the face of the fabric and repels oil, water and dirt borne stains. The stain repellant qualities are maintained when fabric is steam or shampoo cleaned.

Water Repellant: This is a solvent based silicone water repellant used on outdoor fabrics.

Advance Stain Repellant: This stain repellant encases every fiber (front and back) with a heavy duty shield against water, oil and dirt borne stains. The repellant is maintained when fabric is steam cleaned or shampooed. The treatment does not affect the feel or look of the fabric.

Acrylic Backing: This is flexible acrylic latex applied to the back of the fabric. It increases the stability of the fabric and minimizes unraveling. Acrylic backing gives upholstery fabric dimensional stability and also prevents seam slippage.

Nanotex & DuraBlock: This is a stain repellant finish/liquid barrier backing combination. This combination is perfect for upholstery in health care facilities or high traffic areas that are subject to spills and other accidents that might otherwise ruin the furniture.